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RiverLand Properties, LP invests, owns and manages quality land and mineral interest properties. The principles of RiverLand have several decades of experience investing in, and managing, land and mineral properties. RiverLand's primary focus is on acquiring properties in South Texas and West Texas and will gladly evaluate properties across the United States. If you have a property to sell, please feel free to contact us. We can evaluate your property and provide you with a timely response. And we are always easy to talk to.


  • RiverLand responds to all inquiries in a timely fashion.
  • RiverLand makes most offers within 1 day.
  • RiverLand closes most purchases within 20 business days.
  • We are pleasant to work with.

About Us

RiverLand Properties, LP (“RiverLand” or “RLP”) is a Texas-based investment partnership with offices in Dallas , Texas. RiverLand is currently investing in mineral and real estate properties in Texas and across the United States.

RiverLand is able to purchase individual properties from $10,000 to $10 million per transaction. The partners of RiverLand have in excess of 30 years experience in managing real estate and mineral interest properties.

RiverLand seeks to give sellers immediate feedback on the value of their property. RiverLand can close quickly – normally, closing the purchase of a new property as soon as title can be verified. Due to RiverLand’s high quality processes, RLP is in the unique position of having many property owners referring family members and neighbors to RiverLand.

RiverLand uses well-respected property attorneys, engineers and other well-known advisors.

RiverLand handles all aspects of property management.

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If you would like for us to evaluate a property that you may have for sale, please contact us at:


RiverLand Properties, LP

PO Box 191267

Dallas, TX 75219